Introducing: Campfire Health

Today is a big day for the team here at Qandun – we are now Campfire Health. Specifically, we are now: Qandun, Inc. dba Campfire Health Insurance Services. We chose to rebrand the company to ensure that our name, and everything that represents us, was entirely reflective of who we are and how we aim to serve you. For us, a campfire represents one of the truest and most sentimental forms of community. It’s both a central place for people to gather around, and one whose resources prepare us to thrive best in all the adventures to come. As your benefits partner, we strive to be that central place for your team; bringing a complete suite of solutions for your benefits, HR, compliance, and even payroll needs. 

We know that with exciting change often comes questions, and we want to make sure to answer all of yours! Below are a few we’d like to clarify up front, and please feel free to contact us if you have any others that are unanswered.


Is the company or staff changing? 

Nope! We’re the exact same team. Having said that, we are growing organically. 


Will this change anything about the service we receive as a client? 

Your day-to-day service will not be changing, although we are evaluating some additional tools and resources to offer you as a client. These will be unveiled shortly. 


Will we start seeing “Campfire Health” on our carrier materials instead of “Qandun”? 

Mostly, yes. You will notice the new name and branding on quotes, online portals, and other materials pertaining to your benefits. To be specific though, our new legal name is: Qandun, Inc. dba Campfire Health Insurance Services. So considering that our corporate name is still “Qandun, Inc.”, you may very well still see that too depending on the circumstances. In a nutshell, be prepared to see Qandun, Inc. or Campfire Health Insurance Services, as they both point back to your friendly agents here in Burbank, CA :). 


What else is new at Campfire? 

We have some exciting new promotions coming soon, so pay attention to your inbox! Next week, we will be unveiling a new referral program, as well as some steps forward in our agency’s offerings. We’re excited to talk about that soon! 

Thank you for being a wonderful partner, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in this next chapter.


Nolan Waterfall

Managing Director, Campfire Health