What is Campfire Health?


Qandun, Inc. dba Campfire Health Insurance Services is a licensed insurance broker that allows employers with less than 500 employees access benefits and technology usually reserved for really big (1000+ employees) companies. We do this by bringing together like-minded companies to form coverage “coalitions”, which result in lower premium costs.

Consumers are becoming much more aware of the ethics, sustainability, and supply chain of the products they buy. We believe that benefits should be evaluated in the same light. It’s possible to do this now. No need to wait.

By pairing our community-based approach, with a focus on wellness, and charitable giving, your employees will be incentivized and empowered to make better health decisions, and to save money. This translates into more in their pockets, and lower rates for next year’s coverage renewal.

How are we able to do all this? Quite simply, we’re not reinventing anything here. Actually, Campfire Health uses some of the oldest approaches, and companies in the industry (like Lloyds of London), to provide you the same carriers and networks that your employees depend on. The trick, is we’re selective in who we work with, enabling us to find only the companies that are the best fit, thus enabling our methods to be most effective in reducing cost. For more on the Campfire Health community-based method, click here.

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