Lower Healthcare Costs
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Stop Leaving Money on The Table

For companies who qualify, partnering with Campfire Health = Savings of 8-27%, healthier employees, and an empowered organization.

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Empowered Employees

Empowering your employees with the right health and wellness tools equals real savings on your monthly premium over time.

Features They'll Love:

  • One place for all things health-related
  • Simple, zero-cost doctor visits through your phone or computer
  • Smart chat enables quick answers
  • Price transparency: Employees understand their coverage options BEFORE having a costly visit
  • Medical bill negotiation: Saves an average of 40%

To learn more about saving money with Campfire Health, click here.

Empowered HR

We hear you! Navigating employee benefits and ACA compliance issues isn’t your passion.
Fortunately, we give you the tools, resources, and personalized service to make this way easier.

All Your Benefits
in One Place

  • Online HR and benefits – Ties right into your payroll
  • Easy to manage – Everything in one place
  • See employee health expenses, as they occur
  • HR Resources – Forms, handbook builder, and an answer service to help you stay on top of compliance concerns
  • All backed by our friendly, second-to-none service

As good as technology is, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable person on the other line who understands your company, and your people. With Campfire Health, you’re getting a true partner – We’re in this with you, and are here to help you grow your business.

See What Campfire Can Do For You

You have nothing to lose but excessive healthcare premiums.